About Our School

Ballycarry Primary School is a controlled, co-educational day school, catering for the 4-11 year age group.  The average size of class is 23.0 and each class is composed of mixed ability groups.  Pupils with special educational needs are provided for in the form of withdrawal gruops who receive additional assistance.  The aims of Ballycarry Primary School are:

  1. To promote a happy, caring, attractive environment which will stimulate pupils.
  2. To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development of the pupils at the school.
  3. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which will be challenging, cater for the full range of abilities within the school and enable the pupils to experience success.
  4. By providing a variety of experiences encourage the development of a lively, enthusiastic and inquiring attitude to learning.
  5. To develop, in the pupils, self-confidence, independence and self-discipline.
  6. to prepare the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  7. To encourage the pupils to value one another and to respect the views of other members of their community.
  8. To provide opportunities for the pupils to have an interest in and involvement with the local community.
  9. To encourage in the pupils an awareness and appreciation of the environment - natural and man-made and their responsibility for its well-being.
  10. To encourage parents to be involved with the work of their children and give opportunities for them to participate in the life of the school.


At present the teaching staff comprises of:


  • Teaching Principal;
  • 2 Full-time Teachers;
  • 1 Part-time Teacher/Principal Relief.






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