Dinner Menu


   Monday 11th September 2017  Monday 18th September 2017

Chicken nuggets, peas, chips/baked potato.


Milk pudding & fruit.


 Fish shapes, beans, chips/baked potato.


Flakemeal biscuit, orange juice & yoghurt.                                    



Breaded fish, broccoli & mashed potatoes.


Chocolate & pear sponge & custard.

Savoury mince, mixed veg & mashed potatoes.


Banana muffin & yoghurt.


 Pasta bolognaise, carrot sticks & crusty bread.


Ice cream & fruit.



Chicken curry, rice, naan bread & carrot sticks.


Chocolate & pear sponge & custard.


Roast chicken, fresh carrots, mashed potatoes & dry roast potatoes, stuffing & gravy.


Flakemeal biscuit, fruit & milkshake.

Roast beef, fresh carrots, dry roast, mashed potatoes & gravy.


Date krispie & milkshake.


Vegetable soup, steak burger in a bap & beans.


Jelly, fruit & yoghurt.



Sausages, peas & mashed potatoes.


Carrot cake & custard.




Note: Bread,Milk, Water & Fresh Fruit served alongside every meal.

Menu may vary due to deliveries and unforseen circumstances.


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